Reason #12 That Our Windows Need Replacing

I have always liked squirrels. My dad worked for a tree company when I was a kid, and before cutting down a tree he would rescue any babies nested there. That meant I got to raise baby squirrels until they were big enough to go off on their own. I thought I was doing a good thing.

Little did I know they would find me.

And eat my house.

Squishy was enjoying her afternoon snack as I was working on an order. I heard what sounded like Squishy scratching away at my newly upholstered dining room chairs. I turned to ask her what she was doing, and to my surprise she sat there staring at me with a bewildered look on her face.

“What’s that noise, mama?”

I hadn’t the slightest idea. Then I saw it. A bushy tail in my kitchen window.

As I walked closer I realized the noise was a big fat squirrel gnawing on the wooden window frame. I walked right up to the window before he stopped to look at me, totally unfazed by my presence.killersquirrel

I ran to get the camera as he returned to destroying the window. I swear he posed for me when I started snapping pictures.  squirrel

The beaver-squirrels have been back a few times, but luckily the house is still standing.


Whatcha think?

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