Hooking: A Mother-Daughter Affair

I’m a hooker. I can twist and turn and pull until magic happens. I hook at home, at work, standing in line at the post office. I love it so much I’ve decided to teach my 6-year-old to do it. The kid is a natural.

What’s that?

NO! Not a hooker-hooker.  A crocheter. I crochet! You know, with a hook.

As I was saying, I decided to teach Squishy to crochet. We picked out chunky pink yarn and a fat blue hook and set to work.

Me: Ok, hold the yarn like this, and the hook like this, and then you just do this.
Squishy: Say what?
Me: Yeah, just loop it over and pull it through.
Squishy: Mom, seriously slow down. I can’t see that fast.
Me: Sorry. Loop…and…pull.
Squishy: Ok. Got it.

We spent the next hour making chains and pulling them out. I am so proud of how quickly she picked it up and that she has taken an interest in something I love. Each time she successfully completed a stitch her eyes lit up, and she proudly exclaimed, “I did it!” I was genuinely delighted to see her so excited.


Of course, she’s a fast learner and soon I was hearing “I did it!” every 2 seconds.

Squishy: I did it! I did it! I did it!
Me: I’m so proud of you but if you say ‘I did it’ one more time, I’m going to be forced to eat all your Easter candy.
Squishy: (giggling) You have to find it first!

Say what?


Whatcha think?

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