I did it!  I really, really did it!

On June 10th I tricked the nicest, funniest, sweetest, bestest guy in the whole entire world into proposing to me!

I know!  I can’t believe it either!

We were in the beautiful beach town of Gaeta, Italy.  We went there on a whim after Rome tried to kill me.


We spent the day hanging out on the beach, and eating food.  That is honestly my idea of heaven.  We headed back to our awesome bed & breakfast and had a few drinks while getting ready for dinner.  Music blasting, dancing around, I was still giddy from the perfect day we had.

We hopped on the scooter we rented and whizzed through the winding streets heading to dinner.  It was like something out of a movie and I totally pretended I was Julia Roberts in some cheesy romantic comedy.

Dinner was fun.  We met the owner of the restaurant the night before.  He spoke very little English but was just the nicest guy and he asked us to come back that night.  They were hosting a birthday party, which turned out to be a lot of fun because the DJ was playing some great songs…which I knew all the words to.  I never quite got over all the American songs I heard on every radio all over Europe.

Mike excused himself to the restroom and a minute later they were playing our song.  He came back out and held out his hand as if to ask me to dance.  He led me over to the lounge area, away from all the people.  I’m still thinking we’re going to dance, which was sweet in itself, because Mike is not a dancer.

He looked at me and said, “I have a question for you.”

It dawned on me at that moment, and when he got down on one knee, I lost it.

“Will you marry me?”  In my mind I was screaming YES, but all I could do was cry and say, “Oh my god” 17 times.  I finally managed to say yes (poor guy) and he slipped his mother’s ring on my finger, all while the restaurant owner was snapping pictures.

Ya’ll, I am not a sappy person, and I almost never cry, but come on.  His mother passed at the end of last year and he was very close to her.  This ring means so much more to me than just a promise. I have known since before it was socially acceptable for me to know that I was going to marry this guy.  I am just over the moon.




We spent the next day like this.  The man really knows my heart.



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