Accuracy is Key

My daughter was born an artist.

Most babies learn to color with fat crayons held in their chubby little fists.  Not Squishy.  She would pick up any writing utensil she could get her hands on, and held it like she had been doing it all her life, without anyone showing her.

At a very early age she began drawing rather detailed pictures, all on her own.  When I say rather detailed, I mean her princesses had lace on their dresses, dogs had little claws, and houses had curtains and shingled roofs, yards full of flowers and walkways, and trees with fruit and birds, and mail in the mailbox.  

Not all of her drawings are terribly detailed, but they are accurate.  When she was 3 she drew this “Mexico Drink” complete with straw and paper umbrella…at preschool.  Her teacher probably thinks I’m a drunk, but actually she drew this after my mom had a fruity drink at a Mexican restaurant.


I work a full time job, so it was always a treat for me to be able to pick Squishy up from pre-school.  This particular day, my mom (we call her Mimi) came with me.  We were waiting outside Squishy’s classroom and admiring the new artwork.  I found my little Picasso’s masterpiece…and I swear on all things bacon I nearly peed myself.


Mimi (who can’t read a billboard without her glasses) just giggled a little and said, “Wonder what the story is behind that one.”  At this point I had tears streaming down my face and between snorts I managed to tell her to put on her glasses.  She quickly glanced over it and just stood there with her mouth hanging open.  Wide eyed, she turned to look at me.  I was gasping for breath at this point.

You see, my mom is Cuban, and therefore tans really easily and really well.  This particular year she may have had the darkest tan of her life, and my precious, genius little girl wanted to capture the true essence of her Mimi.

I have never been more proud.


The school selected this picture to be included in a public exhibit showcasing children’s artwork from around the county.  It was a pretty big deal.

Here she is at the exhibit, so proud of herself, as she should be.


This child doesn’t even know how much she rocks.


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