The Juices…They Are A Flowing

Y’all I have had the worst few weeks, creativity-wise.  I’ve made some new things for the shop (still have to list them) but it just felt forced.  So sad.

Now, suddenly I have at least 32 (ish)  ideas for things I want to make!  And none of them include items for my shop.  ACK!

1.  I want to embroider something…like this adorable little pie for my fiance, the cheesecake guru.  You know, because men dig stuff like that.

Adorable pattern from wildolive on Etsy

Adorable pattern from wildolive on Etsy

2.  I want to sew ALL THE THINGS!

I adore these patterns by browniegoose on Etsy

I adore these patterns by browniegoose on Etsy


I squee every time I see this pattern from tiedyediva on Etsy.


Maybe I should switch to this kind of donut. Crazy cute pattern by DIYFluffies on Etsy.

3.  I want to learn to spin ALL THE THINGS!  (Only because I can no longer fund my addiction to beautiful yarn.)  Are these not just GORGEOUS?  If you said no, you can leave now.  And good riddance!


I own yarn from HandspunbyKisses and I PET IT. I could lick my screen right now.


I don’t even have words…only drool. This gorgeous yarn is from windingtheskein on Etsy.


I want to squish it!  This yummy yarn is from MamaRobsFiberArts on Etsy.

4.  I want every. single. one. of these.  I am obsessed with them.  Ok, so this isn’t something for me to make, but I want them all and I want to go on adventures with them.  Think of it as an adorably repulsive, slightly diabolical toy for strange people like…well, me.  I could entertain myself for hours with these guys.


I need this in my life! You can get your own Fuggler at cathairandteeth on Etsy.



Ok, so that was only 4 things and not the 32 I promised you, but now I’m distracted by the Fugglers.  And I’m trying to figure out how many hats I have to sell to buy them all.  Is it weird that I sell cute little baby hats in order to buy things with teeth?

I’d be careful answering that with you.  The Fugglers like to bite….


Whatcha think?

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